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Introducing Niyam

We recently had new clients, Candace and Vinayak, come to the studio with their new baby boy.  He was such a sweet little thing.  He was wide awake when we started shooting and quickly fell asleep for most of his session.  All the while, giving us the cutest little smiles.  We wish the whole family the best of luck on this wonderul journey.

Introducing Niyam.

Introducing Brooke

It’s always fun when we have pregnant mom with big brother during the holidays to make cards and then meet the new little sister when she arrives.

This session was a dream, in the very first pose and very first set up, new baby Brooke started with a GIANT smile. Big brother Brandon was gentle and calm. He just wanted to smoosh his face into her. We agree, her little face was irresistibly kissable.

Introducing Brooke.

Introducing Brandon

Big sister Gwen has taken pictures with us before, so we were so excited to meet Brandon. Both he and his sister we superstars during their session.

Introducing Brandon.

Introducing Marion

If you have been following our most recent newborn sessions, you know that we have been doing mostly boys.  A few weeks ago, we had 4 different clients all with newborns and THREE of them were girls.  We were so excited to try some new props and things that we just recieved.

Elizabeth and her husband are one of the families that recently welcomed their first child, a girl.  She was so precious throughout the session even though she stayed awake through most of it.  She really wanted to know everthing that was happening around her. She even gave some great eye contact which made for some beautiful photos.

Introducing Marion.

Introducing Eden

We recently did a radio interview with host Michelle, who was expecting a newborn of her own.  We had a chance to talk about what happens during our newborn sessions and how much time really goes into these sessions.  You can hear the full interview here (starting at 12 minutes)

Her and her husband came back to the studio for a first hand experience.  We were delighted to see such a cute baby with a full head of hair.  We wish them the best of luck with their newest addition to their family.

Introducing Eden.